1. The Stanton Scholarship

The Stanton Scholarship is awarded to J. C. 2 to 6 students who have achieved academic excellence.

2. Outstanding Extra-curricular Accomplishment Scholarship

The Outstanding Extra-curricular Accomplishment Scholarship is awarded to J. C. 2 to 6 students who have excelled in sports, cultural arts, mathematics and science.  

- have a good conduct
- demonstrate continual efforts in striving for excellence in a particular area aforementioned
- have made remarkable achievements in significant or well-recognised competitions in and outside Hong Kong, and
- are willing to serve the school and the community

3. Leadership and Service Scholarship

The Leadership and Service Scholarship is awarded to school prefects who have actively served others and have gained recognition from both teachers and peers.

The scholarship will not carry any monetary value. The awardee may not claim the unused part of the Scholarship should he withdraw from the School. If any awardee is already receiving another scholarship, the difference between the existing scholarship and the new one will be given.
The list of awardees will be announced at the end of the school year.