STEM Education

Boys are naturally fond of science and mathematics.  They are full of curiosity about the things around them and have unlimited creativity.  To cater for the boys’ unique natural endowment, we actively respond to STEM education.  Not only have we adjusted and integrated the three main subjects’ curriculum, namely General Studies, Mathematical Studies, and Computer Studies, but we have also created a variety of practical opportunities for students to apply what they have learnt to ensure that their creations and efforts are demonstrated and recognised.  We attach great importance to STEM education and hope that students develop their common ability from a young age in discovering, facing and solving problems, and, accordingly, they are fully prepared and have confidence to cope with rapid changes and various challenges in the future world.

In order to coordinate with the development and needs of the school-based STEM curriculum, in addition to the programming elements in the Computer Studies, abundant relevant educational resources are added, such as Makeblock Inventor Electronic, VEX Robotics, mBot robot, GIGO scientific experiment kit, micro:bit, British rocket car module, 3D stereo printers, etc. to assist students’ learning and allow them to put their scientific, technological, mathematical, and engineering knowledge into inventing and creating from exploration.  Furthermore, STEM relevant subject matters in General Studies are arranged to be taught in English for smooth transition with secondary school curriculum.