Introduction and Curriculum

Our curriculum includes Chinese and Putonghua, English, mathematics, general studies, religious education, physical education, music, visual art, computer literacy and library skills. Our life-wide learning programme that works alongside the formal curriculum enables our students to learn through interesting projects, talks and field trips with the aim of achieving a ‘Whole Person Education’. In addition, the School incorporates co-curricular activities (CCA) into normal lessons based on the concept of ‘learning through games’. We strive to develop the multiple intelligences of our pupils. 
Learning languages is most effective at primary stages. A unique language policy has been adopted in our curriculum. We aim to provide our pupils with an early and enriched English language programme, starting with 25% of our general studies lessons being taught in English at lower primary levels, and gradually increasing it to 75% at upper primary levels. A full-time native-speaking English teacher is employed to teach English communication skills and extracurricular English Workshops are organized. Equally, Putonghua receives due attention. Chinese Language lessons are taught in Putonghua from primary four on and native-speaking Putonghua teachers are employed to expose our pupils to sound language habits from an early age. 
In various disciplines, as well as music, visual arts, sports and computer literacy education, the School allows pupils to participate in different kinds of training and competition to gain valuable experience. Small class education is also implemented in Chinese, English and Mathematics to care of the different learning needs of every student. 
Additionally, moral education is very important. We focus on nurturing our pupils an optimistic and positive attitude, and active participation in community service. The School has a counselling team to provide a series of counselling activities in response to the actual needs of pupils and to broaden their horizons. 
Student Support
At the beginning of each school year, we promote an ‘Elder Brother Scheme’ for our J.C. 6 pupils and our new J.C. 1 pupils. The J.C. 6 pupils learn to take care of the new J.C. 1 pupils during a designated orientation period. Throughout the year, a student guidance counsellor who serves in our school to run a series of guidance programmes in life education. Our guidance and counselling team works hand in hand with our student guidance counsellor to help the students adopt a positive attitude and provide them with the support they need in growing up.